Healthy Energy Supplements – Beta Alanine

Beta-Alanine is a great energy supplement to take, this post/article is my experiment to let people know how incredible this health supplement. Check out day one : warning i do believe in taking it nice and easy. Day One of Body Tech Beta-Alanine 

Bodytech Beta-Alanine

Beta-Alanine has a long lasting surplus in my opinion, it seems to give you more energy after your workouts. The company that I bought my Beta-Alanine recommends two scoops a day that usually means every 4-8 hours. Some days I find it difficult after a intense workout to take it twice, but overall its a exceptionally good supplement. My review is me just taking the Beta-Alanine with no extra vitamins, or minerals. To my surprise and expectation it works pretty well.

I went into the Vitamin Shoppe to look for creatine and BCAA ( break chain amino acids) for pre-workouts only to be introduced to Beta-Alanine after asking a multitude of questions. I didn't agree with everything the associate said as far as moral and ethics with taking creatine. I still wanted to give the supplement a try knowing that it has its natural benefits that increase energy and muscle performance.

Personally after taking the Beta-Alanine supplement for a prolonged amount of time, I realized it's a good performance enhancer, I also used Creatine for a 45 day period that went really well. My workout and muscle performance was great and the boost of energy at work .

I have multiple videos explaining the benefits and reactions of taking the Beta-Alanine supplement. I got to day three on youtube, but i ended up doing a full 7-day review. It doesn't have the same reactions on everyone so just take what i'm saying as a rubric and check out the side effects, and benefits again before trying.

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