Humor Therapy : Laugh yourself out of stress

You have to laugh to participate in this therapy if you don’t laugh you will not receive the proper treatment. It’s called Humor Therapy or Laughter Therapy and it has it’s benefits for anyone who uses this alternative medicine. It’s also considered a free medicine.

Widely accepted in the alternative health community Humor Therapy has been said to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, increase muscle flexion and boost immune functions. It’s also known that the more you laugh you release endorphins, a hormone that’s referred by Health Net as a natural painkiller.

Treatments included laughing exercises, clowns, comedy movies, books, games and puzzles. These are all wonderful ways to counteract sickness with stress and other symptoms. Laughing also helps you pursue the positive side of things also.

Laughing has always been known to be a solid stress reliever, it usually takes people mind off what’s seriously stressing them making their day a little bit better. Most people can see someone else laughing and burst out into laughter because it’s contagious like emotions.

Pay attention to the craziest things going on around you and laugh. If i could add going to a Dave Chappelle or Kevin Hart concert would be some good Humor Therapy is you like their comedic style. So find your favorite comedian or cartoon and laugh.


Going into laugh mode with some of these personal massage devices could do the trick for any sleep apnea or posttraumatic stress dis-orders.