Knife Therapy brings Health

There’s a lot of different techniques to relieve your tensions using hands from a professional massage therapist, but what if that same therapist used knives.It’s called Dao Liao, China and Taiwan have used this ancient tradition for 2,000 years. Although China has rejected the Dao Liao for an unknown reason. This technique is considered a natural healing tradition by the Tang Dynasty (618-907) before spreading to Japan and Taiwan.

The Practitioners of Knife Therapy 

The practitioners of this therapy go through all type of meditations and exercise to allow the body and mind to be a pure driver and the energy of the of the universe can enter and exit. The practitioners must not only know how to use knives but use their hands too. The must use self-care with Qian Kun Wands, translated as sticks of heaven and earth. It’s used everytime they prepare for the Knives to come out.

[Youtube/National Geographic]

Benefits of Knife Therapy

A few benefits you can receive from Dao Liao is blood circulation, overall health, and balance, natural pain relief, reducing face and water retention, cell regeneration, and balance between hot and cold internal states of the body. I can see how Dao Liao helps your health being on the brink of getting cut by knives can have a deeper effect on the mental. It’s said the whole body feels lighter and the effects last for a longer period. The Knife Massage encompasses the entire system of balance and energy.


In America, this would bring all type of political controversy, and you could even apprehend a sentence for trying this at the least. If it was legal a lot of people would reject it due to knives being symbolic of violence. Some people would go with this therapy for the benefits and most people would accuse this person of being a thrill seeker.

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