Vitalism is politically correct

Vitalism is defined as a theory of life matching natural philosophy, natural science, and natural medicine. Vitalist believe in the body as the whole and focuses more on the body healing than it’s parts being manipulated to work. Vitalism opposes other studies but doesn’t completely oppose physics and other sciences.


Going to the chiropractor is a great example of natural medicine. The doctor gets hands-on examines your physical body & bone structure and makes corrections through natural techniques to gain results. The term vitalism can be traced back to 1660’s all type of philosophers and physicians provide insight on its meaning in order to understand the benefits of vitalism.

Mechanism is a system of parts working together it’s also the reason why we have a different specialist for every part of the body today. In mechanism no one is giving credit to the bodies natural healing properties the doctor or medicine is receiving all the praise. Most mechanistic laws contain very analytical and scientific models with no room for anything outside of the ordinary. On the other hand, you have vitalism a belief started before mechanism and medical science began. Countries from all over the world have adopted the vital life force way of believing in giving the natural body and spiritual body communication for healing, which argues specific sciences that base solely on chemicals and physics.

The development of the terms life force, vital force, or vital spirit were heavily inspired by German chemist and indeed a supporter of vitalism. Life force was later introduced into medicine in the 1770s by Friedrich Casimir Medicus a trained physician and botanist. Creating the botanical garden at Mannheim in 1766

Stahl called the living body an organism and not a mechanism. “Every movement in the human body follows a certain purpose. All vital, animalist and rational processes are caused by their finest harmony and unsolvable connection with a special force. You rightly conclude that it is the soul, which all produces these movements (processes) directly. They may be well ordered or not, have vital or animalist character, they may preserve the body and destroy it, be correctly guided or not (translated from Rothschuh 1978)

Stahl created life while realizing the power of God and the human soul reshaping Aristotle’s term by making the soul the principle of life.

Most don’t know the history of Vitalism and the benefits it brings when picking an option for treatment for a healing without the consequence of added symptoms from certain pill treatments and surgeries. The mechanism approach of medicine and it’s healing though complex science and great doctors, this gained popularity after physicalist gained victories in biology, medicine, and life science.

Some advancements back in the day up till now with science can be attributed to vitalism. Vitalism is a great philosophy for the organic world it’s a more natural approach disregarding hard pharmaceuticals that might only treat a sickness never completely healing the consumer.


Source: Vitalism and Vital Force in Life Sciences – The Demise and Life of a Scientific Conception Gunnar Stollberg, Bielefeld Institute for Global Society Studies