Winship Cancer Institute top 1% in America

Georgian citizens have higher rates when dealing with cancers of the lungs, prostate, and breast. Two main factors that influence the statistics is the amount food and tobacco consumed. Obesity is closely related to cancer also unhealthy eating affects the risk of diseases.

Studies show myeloma, the cancer of plasma cells are two to three times more relatable with African-Americans than Caucasians and biological science research has found the statement to be true.

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Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University has earned the titles for the prestigious cancer center designation in Georgia by National Cancer Institute (NCI). Automatically placing in the top 1% of all cancer centers in the United States. It is the first and only center in Georgia. Amazingly NCI designations have improved long-term survival with cancer patients by 25%.

In Georgia, around 17000 patients die from cancer every year so that is good news for the people of Georgia. Emory Winship has been granted a high prestigious designation center while conducting research on ways cancer is prevented, diagnosed, and treated. Winship also focused on finding new therapies and medicine to help people with cancer live longer.

Origin of the Winship Cancer Center 

Robert Winship Woodruff in 1937 gave $50,000 to Emory University to start the Robert Winship Memorial Clinic on behalf of his mother who died of cancer. Eight decades later the Winship Clinic has an increase in size and insight to treat cancer. Winship is saving lives while continuing to advance in technology making it a world-class cancer center.

Metastasis or spread of cancer is the breaking point of how then their cancer is Winship scientists are now testing a particular gene called LKB1 after 12 years of lab bench research and now entering clinical trials designated for lung cancer patients to suppress metastasis.

Metastasis develops when cancer cells break away from the main tumor and enter the bloodstream what lymphatic system consequently carrying cancer cells all around the body.  Cancer cells are often found in the abdominal cavity mostly found to be the origin area.

Winship has found the single biggest risk factor for cancer is aging it's above smoking and bigger than genetics says radiation oncologist David Yu of Emory's Winship Center.

If you or a family member is dealing with cancer I would direct you to Emory Winship Center knowing it’s one of the top places that's constantly researching cancer even while you read this article. I don’t know much about cancer but know that my family have fought this deadly condition, as I try to prevent this disease I wanted to inform you of the dynamics this cancer center has achieved.